Plan Builder to peak GranFondo?

Hello folks…I have two Gran Fondo’s planned half May. 160k and 2500m elevatoin gain. My goal was to do long base and then build towards another fondo in July but plans changed. I had covid begin of december and re-started base 12december…Lost some upper fitness (FTP). Fitness 2021 was good (ctl around 88-95).
Because I want to peak i tried the plan builder. Seems though with 10hours weekly (no issue normally) but the weekend rides are mostly 2hour sweet spot. But can I skip this and do Longer endurance rides?
Or should I focus on a 12 week FTP builder plan from Hunter Allen (which Is already have available in TP)

I never tried the TR approach…
If i replace the weekend.rides do I not miss the SST kinda workout adaptations? I can handle more TSS then the plan provides.