Plan Builder suggests high volume plan - but I didn't change my weekly hours


I had to change the date of an A event and used Plan Builder to recalculate the plan (which is just brilliant :slight_smile: :+1: ).

When I first set up the plan, I did the sensible thing (doesn’t happen too often) and chose a slightly lower volume than I thought I could manage. Plan Builder thus recommended a mid-volume plan with which I have been happy so far. Whenever I did have some more time and energy, I could always add a low-intensity unstructured ride (rather than a workout).

In the recalculation, however, Plan Builder did not even ask for my weekly volume but just recommended high-volume right away. Why is that?

The second A event, not the one I had to reschedule from next Tuesday to Wednesday, is a 100km ITT over rolling terrain (1,000m of climbing). I first categorised it as a rolling road race, but then changed it to Gran Fondo due to the more steady nature of a TT.

Edit: Okay, I did an average of 443 TSS for the past 32 weeks on the mid-volume plan… So, Plan Builder calculates the recommended volume based on that, right?

Plan Builder recommends High Volume if you selected that you train 10+ hours per week in the step prior. :v:

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Thanks Ivy :slight_smile: That makes sense, but I honestly didn’t change my weekly hours! This is what happened:

  1. realised that the world’s finest ice-cream parlour is closed on Tuesdays → moved the event to Wednesday (makes sense, right?)
  2. told Plan Builder to recalculate plan when prompted upon moving the event
  3. PB took me directly to the page where you could choose between low, mid and high volume and recommended high volume. I didn’t even get to choose my previous weekly hours.
  4. :thinking:

It could be possible that I selected 10+ hours and then chose mid-volume against PB’s recommendation when I first created the training plan 8 months ago, but I had to make a similar change in May and I’m pretty sure that high volume wasn’t recommended then.