Plan Builder Remember Day Preferences on a ReCalculate?

OK, one suggestion after going through three different recalculations in Plan Builder, it would be good if, when a plan was recalculated. If some of the same blocks remain in the recalculated plan, the software would remember that I took the default ride that was on Thursday and I moved it to Wed, it would start with that as the suggestion in the recalculated plan. I shuffle around probably 4-5 workouts within a week to move them to different days to fit my schedule, and when I recalculate, I need to do that again for every single blocks since I customize by block.

Just something that would make it a little easier for the end user. If Iā€™m missing how to have it do that already, just let me know.


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+1, I have the same request.

My sidestep is to totally ignore the day swaps during initial evaluation(s). They are unnecessary with the basic goal of looking at the preview of the weeks and months related to the phases of the PB.

I just go through the main setup and get to the preview stage before doing any real modifications. If I like the preview, then and only then, I go back to adjust the days.