Plan Builder, event TSS and rides outside

New to Traineroad plan builder and a question I could use help with please:

I’m currently 2 weeks in to sweetspot basis mid-volume Two. The sunday ride is an allegedly ‘moderate’ ride. In the unlikely event the UK winter weather is nice at the weekend, can I do an outdoor ride that roughly matches the TSS instead and still be on plan? My winter bike does not have a power meter and conditions (junctions, poor road surfaces and social distancing) can make duplicating the workout tricky. TSS would be a guesstimate from RPE and heart rate using training peaks.

Thank you,


You can either set the workout to be outside and push it to your head unit (assuming it’s compatible) and follow it that way. Or simply substitute a ride of your choice. Take care to ride in the manner that the scheduled workout is intended, i.e. you don’t want to be doing a hard chaingang ride with the lads if the workout is a Z2 endurance ride.

Helpful thank you bobw.