Plan Builder - Can you swap blocks?

I’m hoping that this hasn’t been asked already and I’ve looked through the Planbuilder FAQs. I can see that you can change the intensity of a block in the plan but can you change the block? I have short power build in mine but would like to swap that portion out for general power build - i’m training for a weekend of MTB-ing in Scotland with a mix of trail centers and natural trails later in April. Having read a post on here it suggested that the general build would be better if you needed more overall endurance. Riding for three days i think i’ll need that rather than the sprint/short efforts.
Happy to hear others opinions on this - but would certainly like to know if you can switch a block out of plan builder - perhaps you have to change the type of event you are building to? or do it week by week?
Apologies if this has already been asked and responded to - my searching skills could be lacking…

Yup, you can change the block in the same place you change the volume. It’s not super obvious, but immediately above the volume drop-down is a block drop-down:


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@ellotheth - Many thanks sir! Much appreciated.


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Most welcome! I’m SURE there’s a post somewhere with an almost identical screenshot, but I didn’t find it either.

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