Plan builder, AT and mental health motivation

I’m in a bit of a downward swing right now and finding motivation for turbo time hard to come by. I know doing something helps me so want to keep on the plan.

Previously, pre AT, I’d have pushed the week and added a few easy workouts. Now I believe pushing and manually adding doesn’t adjust into the plan so I am thinking I’ll look at whatever is scheduled and use the alternative at a time and level (achievable or below) I think I can complete.

Is there any downside to plan mods this way or should I push and just train now?

I think this might be exactly the kind of situation they had in mind with their alternates and adaptive training. It’ll change your program on the fly to compensate for the workout you did in place of the workout scheduled. So no need to push the week. I think you’re dead on with picking an alternate.

And honestly if it gets you on the bike, keeps you motivated and training, can’t be that bad. Like Amber says, show yourself some kindness! Kudos for still wanting to do something and showing yourself the grace to break from your plan even if just for a little bit.


I think – TR can chime in and confirm reality – you can use annotations to add time off, which will take workouts off your calendar and then adapt what follows. You can always add workouts back during the time off days, and then AT would adapt the following workouts (in theory).

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Got on for 30 which is both better than nothing so good but equally I feel bad cos it’s only 30 and pretty easy.

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It’s probably exactly what you need!

You got on for 30! That’s better than nothing! Great job! Drops in the bucket.

Leading on from this I’m still struggling (I set the bike up today but can’t face it), I’ve been doing little bits of bodyweight/kb exercises and hiking for nav practice so haven’t been on a bike for 1 1/2 weeks.

Hopefully things will improve soon but at what point do you/would you call the plan and rebuild with a test and fresh start?

At 1 1/2 weeks my personal preference would be a restart, as much from a mental perspective as a physical one- if you’re coming back to workouts that are a struggle for where you’re at it can be pretty unmotivating in my experience.
Although, I can’t speak to the rate of detraining nor the specifics of your situation, so you could maybe give it 1-2 workouts to see how you go and make a decision based on that.