Plan adjustment - switching Build 1 to Specialty

Looking for advice. A event (Wilmington Whiteface June 5). Started Build 1 Feb 15. Just finished first block-rest week starting 3/8. Next rest week Starts 4/6. Then Specialty–Climbing RR starts 4/12.

Here’s the issue. Planned trip to NC mountains (no choice in the timing of the trip).

How should I adjust rest weeks? The start of the Specialty phase? I’d rather over rest/recover in the near term and be a little under “peaked” for June 5 than vice versa.

Any help would be appreciated.

When is your NC trip? Can’t give advice without understanding when the trip coincides with training? Also, will you be doing any training on your NC trip?

Good point. Leave 4/2 and retun 4/9. Thinking of using mountain climbs around Gatlinburg to work toward long climbs in Wilmington and SBT GRVL.

Did a 3 day camp there last October and 4 days last summer, plus 3 days in Wilmington area. I have many years of doing these multiple days in the mountains prior as well. Long climbs are not new so that’s where my head is.

Thinking a short two week block after this week, then recovery and then into the trip. Climbing at least 3 of 6 rideable days with recovery rides with wife on other days.

Then Specialty phase will start the week of 4/13… so not sure how to handle that. Like I mentioned before, I’d rather err on the side of a little extra recovery than cook myself for SBT GRVL. Neither of the races are for podiums so being fit and having fun are the end game.

Thanks for advice in advance!! I’ll be checking in to see what tips I can glean.