Pierce and Whiteface problems

Anyone have this persistent problem with Pierce and Whiteface? The for 2 out of 3 of the 20sec spikes (mid interval) - the higher power requirements extends another 10 seconds - into the SS recovery time.

This seems to happen at the same point in the same type of workouts, but not during every peak. It can be very difficult to extend the power when you are expecting a break.

Any help/advice would be appreciated

interval problem

I’m assuming you’re using erg mode?

Yes Erg mode with a Kickr, i have had the same result with Kickr Snap. I have read about adjusting the time to ramp up power the target in the interval, but i don’t think this is the issue given the isolate and repeated issue.

Wondering whether this is Chad’s way of dishing out extra punishment!

I’ve had the same problem with my Elite Drivo, but not with my Saris H3.

Does the power eventually correct itself or do you need to pause/restart the workout to correct it? With my Drivo, I had to pause/restart the the workout otherwise the drivo would hold the incorrect power.

You should reach out to TR Support to see if they can find anything unusual in the logs for your workout.

It does correct but 10secs into the next 15sec sweetspot interval. So you end up doing more, shorter break, then jumping into the next interval, before passing out…

Thanks I will speak to support

I’ve experienced the same issue with several different workouts and I believe I’ve narrowed down the culprit (at least, for me). This problem seems to happen when I connect Apple Airpods to whatever device is running my TR workout. If I connect my Kickr to my iPad (and run TR through that device) and separately connect my Airpods to my Macbook for entertainment, no issues at all. If both my Kickr and Airpods are connected to the Macbook, my intervals are either delayed by exactly 10 seconds at the start or are extended by 10 seconds (which really stinks when you’re expecting a break!). If you’re not using Airpods, then my best guess would be some other type of bluetooth interference. I’m not an engineer so this is just a trial/error hypothesis but it seems to hold true so far.

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Thanks this is really helpful, and what i suspected.

I run TR on my macbook, Ant+ to Kickr, also run bluetooth from Kickr to Zwift on the macbook. I connect Jaybird Vista headphones to a separate phone.

I will have a play around next time these intervals come up

We’re sorry to see that you’ve been dealing with frustrating issues like this regularly @danielrdavid. Our Support Team would be happy to take a closer look at your log files and let you know what is going on and how we can prevent it in the future.

You can reach us via email at support@trainerroad.com