Pettit = Stretch…

I know my fitness level is not where I would like it to be but this seems a bit harsh

Anyone else this unfit….?


This often happens at the start of a plan if your levels are at 1 - no plan prescribes endurance workouts that low.

You will be fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep that is a bit harsh…still even the longest journey starts with a single step as the saying goes :laughing:

This has serious meme potential


same here:

so don’t know, the last recovery week was 6 weeks ago, so the progession levels decreased after 2 weeks without Endurance workouts?

Start of a recovery week mid plan but dropped my FTP manually after AI was a bit optimistic so all the numbers are a bit low

Same here!

Endurance PL is at 2.1 because I haven’t done any TR endurance workouts yet. Maybe I’ll one tomorrow. But it is quite funny to see Petit as a “stretch” workout :smile:

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Seems like a rough workout. Good luck.



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I’ve not paid too much attention to the whole AI thing here, or anywhere really, but hadn’t considered it would taunt me, it’s like starting high school all over again :face_with_spiral_eyes:



Oh man, you win! :rofl:

Nope. Never was. After an improving ramp test this spring, the AI behind PL definitely thought I was for a while, though.

I just kept selecting “stretches” (and a breakthrough here and there) until it started to feel right… It took a while… A whole three week cycle and another FTP test. It seems to be pretty close now, approaching the end of the second cycle of “build” phase.

I think i actually threw a wrench in the machine, though, when I attempted a VO2 workout immediately after a ramp test, failed it, and marked it “training fatigue” because it seemed like the best option - that ramp is fatigue, right? If I had just marked it “time” or something, I think my VO2s workouts/PLs would have caught up a little faster, since after that fail, I got adjusted “achievable” rather than “productive.”

I heard sweet spot base was a great way to build endurance. Might help bring Pettit difficulty under reigns.

My endurance (and tempo) PLs often look abysmally low because my workouts are all sweet spot or higher. It doesn’t bother me because AT only gets endurance data during recovery weeks, so is lost at the lower power levels.

If I’m doing SS 7+ workouts, I can probably handle any endurance workout in the catalog.

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