Perfetto RoS Vest - pack in pocket?

Just wondering what people’s experience with Castelli’s Perfetos RoS Vest. Particularly, does it pack small enough to take off and put in your back pocket?

(It’d be for UK autumn/spring riding)

Currently on sale at sigma sports

Not the vest but short sleeved. I guess it could be compacted further.

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Thanks, much appreciated.

Yes, it easily packs small enough to go in any back pocket. I just checked and my size large squeezes down to the size of a 12oz can of soda or so, for reference.

That vest is one of my favorite cycling apparel pieces. Highly recommend.

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My L doesn’t fit my castelli aero race 6.0 back pocket. The convertible jacket can be used with temperatures upto around 15‐6 degrees centigrade above that it definitely becomes to warm (with front zipper closed) and I have used it with temperatures as low as -9 centograde (with underlayer of course)

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No problem with a large going into a medium Assos rear pocket. As above, it’s an awesome bit of kit and I’d highly recommend one.

I also have a Perfetto jacket but you can buy a version where the sleeves can be removed vi a zip.

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I’ve had really bad luck with vests. I’ve never found an occasion where a vest was the right answer. Getting the wind off your arms works better than warming your core when you’re doing cardio.
That vest for example, is going to be too hot if you’re on the boarder of short sleeve or too cold if you’re clearly not in SS land. Its better than most because the back is fleece. If you’re wearing that over a LS, you’re going to want wind protection on your arms too. If you’re bringing a vest and arm warmers, you’re going to end up using them in combination anyway.

Arm warmers work better than vest for keeping you a bit warm, allow you to add/remove more easily, and are way more breathable. These in particular work well and pack down better than everyone elses - Arm Sleeves - Sun & Protection, Golf, Tennis, Running Sleeve | Zensah (they say sun, but they work 45-70f)

If it’s going to rain or the weather is going to change wholesale, a jacket packs down to the same size. Usually the build of the jacket is way better than a vest.
If you’re looking for packable heat, wind, and some splash protection while not sacrificing beatheablility, I’d steer you here - Micro Climate Jacket 2021 - Morocco - Ornot Online Store breathes WAY better than a windstopper or shakedry jacket and packs down to the size of a beer can. If you need more rain coverage, I’d try their Magic Shell because the Polartec Neoshell or a Pertex Quantum (Jacket Comparison Guide | Velocio) which allow just a touch of air through, which makes it worlds better than any windproof jacket.
If you’re looking for transition insulation, Castelli / Sportful make a mid-thermal SS and LS jerseys that knock 1/2 the wind off you and are good 50-70f - no rain protection though. I find them super flexible. Jerseys Cycling Men PRO THERMAL MID LS JERSEY - Castelli Cycling

I’m really hard to keep warm without over heating, so just trying to save you a few bad buys based on my experience - you mileage may vary.

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Arm warmers and vest would easily be the most common winter apparel where I live (for our mild winters). Start off with both, stick the vest in your pocket if either the pace of the ride or the temperature heat up.

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Similar here, a vest is an extremely important piece from spring to autumn. Would not know how to live without it. Even in summer, can get cold when descending from a high mountain pass. Or when riding early in the morning. In winter it’s too cold here, you need a proper jacket.


Thanks all :slight_smile: