Pedaling Technique, Smarter Racing, TT vs. Road Bikes and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 185


FYI, the broadcast on Facebook timed out and doesn’t appear to be live over there.

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Oh no! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll go check it out quickly!

Should be fixed now! Thanks for letting me know!


When you see a picture of Nate’s x-ray posted then you know it’s going to be a good podcast this week. :grinning:

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When you move from the back to the front, how do you get back into the line/out of the wind? I’m a CX racer and do not understand the “right level of assertiveness” to get out of the wind in a crit.

The only technique that really works for me is to ride on the inside-most position through a corner and push someone out, which is not a good way to make friends.

@Nate_Pearson Cap’n Crunch is BOMB

@TLRozzle There are a few things that makes moving around a little bit easier. First, be vocal but courteous when you are moving around. People just like to be aware of what you are doing and it makes things a lot easier. Even just asking to get back in from the wind, most people don’t mind.

Running the inside line through a corner is a sure fire way to get back in line, but as you said you won’t make many friends. Try to anticipate what the group is going to do and finesse your way back in based on setting up for the corner. If your bars are ahead of the person and you give them a little squeeze, neither of you should have to brake and the corner sorts everything else out for you. One last fail safe is taking it easy and just rolling to the back of the pack, especially if you know nothing important is coming up.


Linky to these cat 3 / feedzpne memes? Second time in the podcast Jonathan has mentioned them. But can’t find the page on the web /FB lol. Sounds like some classic cycling memes that’s all.


There goes my afternoon. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks for another great podcast @Nate_Pearson @Pete @Jonathan

Regarding pedalling technique, I’ve seen a You Tube video by DC Rainmaker, which demoed integration of Garmin Cycling Dynamics for Vector Pedals with TrainerRoad where the quadrant, balance and sitting / standing data was shown on screen during a workout. I understand that this is only available on iOS so was wondering if it is something that will get pushed across all the platforms eventually? Would be super cool to get feedback on pedalling technique while following the on screen prompts.



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While I understand what the coaches are saying with regards to the amount of time spent training, I do feel there is no substitute for time on the bike for extreme events.
Some that I have done over the last years include:
Tour du Mont Blanc - 330km, 8,000m Road
Salzkammergut Trophy - 210km, 7,100m MTB
Manx100 - 100mile, 5000m MTB
Beskidy MTB challenge - 4 day MTB stage race
plus the Maratona, Marmotte

All of these are long events, and my pace was 17hours for the Mont Blanc tour. I would not want to do any of these without doing some long rides, without training my body, hands, back and butt to cope with spending that amount of time on the bike. One of the big things in these events, especially in MTB, is fatigue and being too tired to control your bike after 13 - 15 hours is not a good idea.

I did on 100mile off road after mainly training on the road, and I crashed 3 times, luckily with no real damage, and could not walk properly for 3 days afterwards due to my back.
So, I’m afraid I just don’t buy the premise that you can train for these types of events by just doing up to 3 hours sweetspot.

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Glad you enjoyed the podcast @JonnyBike!

Unfortunately, we do not have plans to implement Cycling Dynamics into any of our other apps. We have a ton of other great updates that we are working on or that are coming down the pipeline aimed at making people faster and those took priority over Cycling Dynamics.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

I would totally agree with you on this @Shred!

I believe what they were referring to is you can get enough cycling fitness for these kinds of events with shorter workouts. You do not have to go out twice a week for 10 weeks before your event and do a 10-15 hour ride to get through a race of this duration.

For more information on this, you can check out our Blog post:

That’s not to say that it’s not a good idea to do a couple of long rides to get your body used to sitting on the saddle and being in that position for such an extended period of time. These kinds of rides are also good to prepare you for the mental aspect of being on the bike for that long!

So, yes, you are absolutely correct in that doing a couple longer rides to get your body adapted to the position is a great idea but you can get enough fitness for these events without having to do the full distance/time.

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RE: Training for MTB style ‘slippy’ pedalling. The Tacx Neo has exactly this in one of the road surface simulation modes. Ice I think does exactly this - The flywheel slips out if you’re not smooth enough. Integrating something like that into specific workouts would be a brilliant use of this ‘new tech’. I’d love to see something like that introduced as nothing has really changed in regard to the indoor SIM or ERG physical experience for a loonnggg time. The difficulty would be that this feature would be vendor specific (for now), so dev time might not be justified.

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Ironically, a slip setup is relatively easy with a wheel-on trainer. Just leave the roller pressure a bit loose, and you will get slip with varied and overly aggressive pedal pressure.

Super low tech, but it’s possible. Funny that one of the negatives from those trainers could be used to a deliberate act for training purposes. :wink:

Making something like that in smart trainers might be tougher for trainers other than the Neo (with the virtual flywheel), but who knows for sure?


Great verbal walk through on Sprint technique. Any chance we can get a short video from Pete & crew on visual walk through of mechanics?


No problem, would be intetesting to see but by no means essential. Much prefer you make me faster. :wink:

:clap: Another great episode! And love that the livestream Q&A was included in the official podcast…again (@Ian). :wink:

I agree a video would be super-helpful! I wasn’t sure what exactly Pete meant when he said he “cocked” his wrists.

Many years ago, I learned to rotate my wrists outward so the tops of my hands formed a straight line with my forearms. Supposedly this would provide a stronger grip, and give you more clearance to prevent the top bend of the bars from hitting the inside of your forearms. But maybe I’ve been “doing it wrong” all these years!? :open_mouth: