Peaking to soon

I’m sure this has been discussed (in fact it has, ive done some prior reading). I’m about to start speciality part of my training plan (40k TT). When I initially set up my plan it was to aim for the first 10 mile TT of the season. Since, I have been reading the forums more and more and people reckon aiming for the mid season would be better. So what would you more experienced folks recommend I do at this stage, just go for it and see what happens (first year of a structured training plan and I want a few pbs on my 10’s this year) or do you reckon I should reevaluate the plan and make changes (if this is possible)?


I’d frame it as which race fits my rider profile better (hilly, pan flat etc.) and then work backwards.

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If your ‘A’ event is at the beginning of the season and that’s your biggest goal then there’s no harm in peaking for it, after all, that’s the whole point.

Whilst I don’t know your training history, if this is your first year of structured training, then I’m sure you will have plenty of gains throughout the year.

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Good point Dave cheers :+1:

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peaking should be done based on your goals and objectives, not what others are doing.

If the first 10 mile TT of the year is a goal for you, then it sounds like you are doing it right. Sure a lot of people will try to peak in mid-season, but there can be a whole host of reasons why.

Go do your thing and kill it.

When you peak is up to you and you alone.

Some people ride a lot of TTs - for example, my club runs one every week from April to August. If you were planning that, then timing your Build phase to line up with the first TT is a good idea because you will be in decent shape for the early races, and be able to sharpen your race fitness leading up to a target race, which is usually later in the season for most people.

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Exactly what I was asking @sam.fuller1 :+1::+1::+1:

I ride them every week so was just asking really, if I’ll build fitness through racing because that’s when I find I’m at my fittest!

Thanks for the great answer :blush: