Past Workout Data - gone into a black hole?

I’m doing outside workouts and have 2 questions regarding missed or “completed” workouts.

If I ride on a day i had a workout planned, my calendar is updated with the ride as the planned workout.

How do i see what the workout was supposed to consist of?
I have my ride and for instance its associated with ‘North Gardner’, but i usually cant find this workout when i search workouts (this seems to be often the case with outside workouts).

If i did not ride, the workout seems to disappear forever, i can’t find out what it was supposed to be unless i take the same training block (the entire thing) and stick it in my calendar somewhere and look to that day within the training block for the workout (and even then its not necessarily the same one).

So how do you find a missed workout so you can do it another day?

I am on a low volume plan and do lots of group rides that mess up my recovery a bit so I am stretching say a 3 week block to 3.5-4 weeks