Pacelines, Normalized Power, Cravings and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 199

Join us live for Episode 199 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! We’ll be discussing pacelines, normalized vs. average power, balancing cravings with race weight and taking your live questions from Facebook Live and YouTube tomorrow, Wednesday March 19 at 8:00am Pacific.

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Ummm, what year? Today is Wednesday March 20, 2019. Be cool if TR could help us time travel!

A question for @Jonathan about last weekend’s race: How much (if anything) did you eat during it? Why?

As an Xterra (off-road triathlon) Athlete, my races run 2-3 hours. And I have found that 2 gels seem to be needed on the ride portion and have wondered if I need something on the run. Though it seems like I should have almost enough in the body for most of the race if I am properly carb-loaded.

Thank you

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Going live on YT soon? Facebook is up but not YT


I’m watching on the Facebook feed, and all of the microphones are echoing, to almost an un-listenable quality. Many many other people on the feed are saying the same thing.

Yes I gave up after a few mins, the echo was too distracting :frowning:

Are there any special features planned for the 200th episode extravaganza?

just started watching on FB since youtube wasn’t streaming and I was doing a ride. Did I miss any big announcements? lol

You all can find the live stream on Facebook here:

@Ian and wait for it to show up on Youtube, for the non-FB among us?

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Nope! Just a scheduling issue with the YT live stream! We are still trying to figure out the new YouTube interface. :slight_smile:
Sorry about that!

Yes, the video will be uploaded to YT as soon as we can get it up! :slight_smile:

We are working on improving our video/audio setup at the moment and are running into some technical difficulties. We can test, test, test but as soon as we go live; there is always something that goes wrong. :wink:

We will get this all edited up as best we can and uploaded so that everybody can listen to it without the echoing ASAP.

Once we get everything dialed, it is going to be amazing!

Sorry for the issues this week!


I guess we’re left hanging this week! lol

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Part of me really expects the big debut as a separate introduction (like they did with the Calendar). If it is as big as we have seen from some recent stuff, and the related hints over the last few months, I expect they will be using a full 1+ hour show just to cover all the new stuff.

I think it will be a standalone show, but it could also roll into the official episode 200 that we have all been speculating about and suggesting ideas.


I’m just being impatient! I haven’t ridden outside since my last CX race in Dec so the idea of bringing my TR stuff outside has me really excited. Also I’ve been hemming and hawing about getting a garmin or wahoo to replace my pioneer head unit, so I kind of want to know if the plans are dependent on a specific brand (my gut would say garmin because of the iq app system, I don’t think wahoo has any type of external links besides ridewithgps at the moment)


Well, this strava ride was at least recorded on a garmin head unit: 31.3 mi Ride Activity on March 19, 2019 by Nate P on Strava.

I honestly think he made a typo, it should have been called ‘teasing a new TR feature’. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hope the test went well with no glitches anywhere and we soon get to see the finished product.

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Its easy to upload an interval workout to a Garmin (or Wahoo) - the trick I imagine is digital rights management such that freeing up the workouts to be downloadable to a device does not result in them being pirated and putting the company out of business.

Is the podcast up or the YouTube video? I can’t find it… ?