I currently have a set o f MAVIC’S COMETE PRO CARBON UST wheels and searching for tyres options that are compatible.
Any suggestions?

I like the Yksion Pro UST that came with my Ksyrium UST wheels.

I see a lot for sale on eBay so perhaps other people don’t like them, I believe a previous tyre also called Yksion was not too good, bit the Pro are made by Hutchison and I like them.

They are easy to fit.

I have used the mavic tire that came with them as well as Vitoria Corsa Speed 2.0. I have managed to install one side of a continental GP5000 TL but thought I might break the wheel applying enough force to finish getting the other side on so I aborted. I’m interested to hear if anyone else has managed to get a GP5000 TL on these wheels

I have just tried to fit a GP5000 TL 25mm on a Comete Pro Carbon SL UST. I could just get one side on but not even close with the other side. No matter what I did. Will try again later but hands too sore now. I am a big guy so not lacking in strength.

Really keen to get it installed and get out for a ride… now frustrated with sore hands! Anyone managed to get GP5000 TL on to a Comete Pro Carbon SL UST?

Ha. Glad to see that someone else failed too (sorry)!

In addition to the Mavic Yksion Pro UST that the wheels come with, I have installed Vittoria Corsa Speed 2.0 which feel very fast (current low Crr champ on bicyclerollingresistance.com.

It SHOULD be possible to get the GP5000 on (one side goes on, the other should too) but it’s not worth the chance of breaking the wheel

Btw I used ALL the tools, bead jack, oven, soapy water and still failed with the G5000TL

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I have the cosmic pro carbon ust’s and I’m running 5000tl’s. Four hours later, I had one side on each wheel, and blisters that stayed on my thumbs for weeks. For the first time in my life, I took wheels to the bike shop for a tech to put tires on. After two guys and some heavy work with Pedro’s levers, they got the other side on. They may never come off lol.

Make sure you stretch the tire out pretty good before you make the attempt. Shop guy put it around his shoulders and got a knee in the other side to stretch the bead a bit. After it was all over he said it was the hardest tire/rim combo he’d ever seen. I felt like I robbed him when he only charged $15.


Wow, thanks for the feedback! Despite your success that doesn’t sound workable to me or ‘compatible’. What if you had to put a tube in to get home on a ride if for some reason the sealant wasn’t working???

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I’m told that once it’s on the rim and you put some miles on it, it stretches enough that you can get it back off without all the same trouble.

I’m hoping to not have personal experience with that for a while.

We put some gp 5000’s on a pair for a customer at the shop. Tightest combo I’ve ever scene and it took me and our head mechanic to get them on. Mavic actually told us that they were so tight that the deemed them incompatible. I wouldn’t recommend this combination. If something goes wrong and your tired on the side of the road, there’s a really good chance that you won’t be able to get a tube in them.

Hutchinson fusion performance :+1:

i was able to get the 5000s on a pair of mavic c40s with a clincher setup without tooooo much trouble, though fitting them on my HED Jet RC5+ was literally impossible. Had to send those wheels back :frowning:

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before regarding the 5000s - they are tight to get on but do noticeably stretch over a relatively short space of time. So if you can get them on don’t worry too much about a roadside repair because it will be easier.

There is also the option of pre-stretching on a different wheelset if installation on your preferred wheelset is too hard (impossible).


I have this wheelset. Originally installed GP5000 clinchers, but after it took 4 hrs, decided to go tubeless to reduce risk of having to do it roadside. Ended up having to take it to the LBS who installed but said it was the hardest combo they’ve ever done. I’m still abit nervous riding on the 5000TL knowing I couldn’t repair at roadside.

Is there anyone out there that owns these wheels and can point to a tyre that is easily installed on them (clincher or tubeless)?

I’ve also just had a response from Mavic on this; they only recommend UST tyres for tubeless as no others will fit. They also said any clincher tyre will fit.

Both of these statements aren’t quite right, given I did get a Conti5000TL to fit will, but after 4hrs and 2 new hands. Also, 5000s clinchers, did fit, but again after 4hrs which isn’t workable roadside.

I have gotten Conti5000TL to fit after leaving them in the hot sun and using soapy water. But the amount of time and difficulty to put them on is simply not worth it. If something happens while out on the road then anyone would be screwed. Try the new Pirelli P Zero Race TLR tyres. I have had good luck when it comes to mounting those on. Keep in mind the tyre clearance of your bike if anyone reading this attempts this.

I’ve used the Vitoria Corsa Speed. They went on pretty easily

I struggled with the comete wheels since 2018.
The best tyre I managed to get on was the Schwalbe Pro One TLE. The GP 5000 didn’t get close.
In the end I gave up and sent them back to Mavic. They measured the rims and as a result of them being out of tolerance the rims were replaced. I haven’t tried to put a tyre on them yet.

I have the Cosmic Pro UST, so a somewhat different wheel … total fail with GP 5000TLs. I struggled for a crazy amount of time trying to get them on and then, embarrassed and beaten, I brought them to the local bike shop. Taking turns, 3 different mechanics worked on one wheel for over an hour before declaring defeat. Unfortunately for me the wheel looked a bit the worse for wear after all this struggling. I would not recommend the GP 5000TLs on Mavic UST wheels.

I use the Yksion tires now and they seem fine. I believe they’re made by Hutchinson, so those should work. I did also use the Schwalbe Pro Ones … they went on fine, but they were very hard to remove, almost as if they had deformed and become stuck in the rim. I will not try them again.

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