Outside workouts with edge 530 and fr 955

I’ve finally got myself a FR 955; my question is: i normally do TR outside workouts on the edge 530. Will i get exactly the same data in GC doing workouts on the 530 than if i did them on the 955?

Most performance measurements will sync over between devices through Physio True Up.

However, Stamina is one new concept that is present on the 955 but not on the 530. Not sure how relevant this data point is during a structured workout.

To me, the ease of viewing on dedicated head unit versus my wrist at an awkward angle trumps the small piece of extra data. I guess you could dual record, and discard on the 530 if you really want the extra data.


Yeah, i was just thinking about this, but as you said, probably not worth it. Maybe on a long day out, but definitely not on a structured WO.