Outside workouts not loading

Hey - new to TR here.

I’ve got a training plan loaded up with outside workouts on the weekends. The issue is that when I click on them in the TR app (both iPad and iPhone) I just get a spinny loading icon forever.

There’s also no image of the session on the list view either, and in the top corner I see the TR logo, but not on the other indoor workouts…

Anyone else?

Outdoor workouts have always displayed without the graph, and with the TR logo for me (on Android app and website) :

I just set Mount Field -1 to outside and added Abney to check.

But I can tap on Mount Field and go to the details (it took a little while first tap, but immediate now)

hm - ok. thanks for checking… maybe because it’s new…

Hey there and welcome to the TR community! Sorry you’re running into some trouble.

Here are some tips that may help you out:

  • Completely close out of the TR app and restart your device.
  • Log out and then log back into the TR app.
  • Ensure you have a stable connection to the Internet via WiFi or phone service.

At this time, our Outside Workouts don’t have the same image of the workout graph you’ll see on their Indoor counterparts. This is something we’re working on updating, though!

Please feel free to reach back out to me or TrainerRoad Support with any additional questions or issues.