Outside workout inconsistencies, and the problem of searching them

A couple weeks ago I started planning to do a threshold progression block starting next week and I searched through the library and settled on the workout “Starr King” as my starting point. One of the reasons I picked this is the +1, +2, +3 and +4 versions keep the same format of a solid, steady interval which can be tricky to find. But that’s another story…

Fast forward to today and I get to thinking with time changing soon and the weather getting better I might as well do these outside. So I start looking at the outside variants and the original version keeps the format I like (steady intervals at ftp), but +1, +2 and +3 change to over-unders. +4 has no outside variant at all.

Ok, I have no idea why they would change the format but trying to find an outside equivalent to what I’m looking for seems like a pretty daunting task.

I guess I’m not really asking a question here, more just venting/looking for help and discussion.