Outside TR workout on-target assessment [Feature Request]


Outside workouts were one of the major factors that sold me on TR. Now, with AT I wonder if it were possible to include an indicator to show the degree I was on target for the workout. I mean it’s good to see that AT will assign progression if the workout was successfully completed, but knowing to what extent I really hit the numbers would still be valuable. Was I, for example, on target for 89% of the time, for 95% or only for 70%? There probably is a critical point at which the workout is not considered successful and no progression will take place, but a relative value would be nice to assess my ability to realise the intended workout effect outside in comparison to inside.

What I’m basically missing is the colour coded bar that indicates if you are on target during indoor workouts - with the twist that it indicates the overall meeting of the workout objectives (+ maybe if I tended to put out too much or too little power).

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Like a compliance rate/metric! That’s a great idea, and we’re brainstorming ideas for how we’d like to present the ‘why’ behind adaptations, so this is a great contribution I’ll pass along to the team!


At the most basic, inside and outside should be treated the same in performance analytics. Simply show targets on outside workouts like in Garmin Connect or TrainingPeaks:

like this:

or this:

instead of ‘where are the blue bars?’ that we get now:


That visual point of reference would be great, but I really personally think I would still like an additional number or colour code to indicate the overall adherence to the workout target numbers.

The following is OT, but how do I get Garmin Connect to show workout targets as in your screenshot (grey)? On my account everything just looks like this:

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Did you load that workout on Garmin and record?

Not this one, but when I do, the graphs look the same:

Okay, Boarstone -2 is a boring example…

Although, come to think of it: It shows how turns mess up the graph so much. I just cannot imagine that stopping pedalling for a second or less and then moderately accelerating, which for a big guy easily amounts to putting out 400W for an equally short period of time, really messes up the overall effect of the interval. Hence having an average/overall number would come in handy.

Huh, thought I tested a TR workout loaded on my Garmin when outside workouts were introduced in 2019. Sorry looks like it changed or I have bad memory.

I’m using TrainingPeaks or Garmin workouts on my 530, partly because TR outside workouts use Lap Avg Pwr on the default workout screen, and I find that to be a really bad default compared to 3-sec power.

at least on flat terrain I’ve gotten much better at controlling power on 90 degree turns, but it does take FOCUS and practice. Here is a good one earlier this week on a corner with potholes and broken pavement:

Again that was deliberate control of power thru the corner. As a bigger rider I absolutely see a lot of 400W surges exiting a corner if I don’t pay attention.

Working on power control is more about becoming a smoother rider and not burning (small) matches. FWIW in talking with several coaches, and in my own experience, I’m not concerned about messing up the effect of the interval from brief power excursions.

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I created this screen on my Garmin. https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028661171-Garmin-Workout-Sync-Best-Practices

The Default workout screen with the colors are a bit icky indeed, for TR

Colors and aesthetics aside, the Garmin default workout screen with 3-sec power is more similar to the TR app. Options and opinions written up here:

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Thats also why I am using my own page with 3’s Power instead of the Garmin one with the avg power.
Would be nice if they can fix the default garmin page too tho.

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