Outdoors: need to trim some TSS

I do a lot of outdoor workouts. I ride to a suitable area, then do the workout, then ride home.

Because of this, I’m consistently getting weekly TSS scores that are significantly higher than called for in the training plan. And it’s starting to wear on me.

It’s difficult for me to avoid racing traffic through the city. I should keep my commutes to zone 2, but I have bad habits (which I’m in the process of rectifying, hopefully). TSS climbs quickly and unintentionally.

Should I just get rid of the scheduled zone 2 workout (Pettit), until I can spend more time indoors? Or is it better to just do one less interval in each workout? I don’t have problems completing the workouts, but I’m feeling a lot of fatigue.

You’re getting ‘bonus’ unproductive fatigue. Seems like an easy thing to fix.

How long have you been doing this level of effort? 4-500 TSS on 8 hours doesn’t seem that absurd. If you haven’t gone through multiple rest week cycles at this, I would just take your rest week and see how you’re feeling after that.

I started working out in August, and started TR in the middle of October. Previous to that, I did other types of cardio at a much more casual level of intensity.

I’ll probably go 'till the next rest week and see how it goes.