Ottawa Based Racing Teams

Maybe a shot in the dark but does anyone here have recommendations for Ottawa, Ontario based race focused teams? Perhaps one looking for a strong male Masters rider?

A couple of places to inquire, The Cyclery runs(ran?) a team and Tekne describes themselves as a “competitive cycling club”. There’s also the Ottawa Bicycle Club and the West Quebec Wheelers. If those don’t run race teams, there certainly will be folks who know and/or have contacts. Euro-sports would be another shop that might have contacts, and there is always the Ottawa bicycle classifieds FB group, although posting about racing may be against the group rules

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I co-run Tekne cycle club, but we don’t race much anymore - if we do events it would be more on the mtn and gravel side of things. I believe the most active masters race club in the area would be Rouleurs Polo Velo.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into these suggestions.