Other Podcast Recommendations (non-TR) 2018-19

Spotify. Every one since Ben took over is unlistenable on Spotify imo. I’ll try Overcast and report back.


Just pulled up Spotify.com in my browser, on my MacBook Pro. The latest sleep episode sounded tinny and I needed to turn it up to 11.

However no issues with the 3 FasCat US national champions episode.

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Thanks! I actually haven’t tried that one. I will. Would you check the RPE one if you have a sec?

Just tried the “3 US Nats” one on Spotify and you’re right. It sounds great!

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Glad I’m not the only one. I don’t mind Ben’s style or radio announcer type voice, but on Spotify it seems like he’s either too loud or too quiet in the same sentence! The volume range makes it very difficult to listen to

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This! I even left a review suggesting they did a sound mix. I often listen to podcasts before I go to sleep. It’ll go from barely hearing one guy to the next guy blowing my ears off.

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I randomly skipped ahead when Ben was talking in a baritone deep gravely voice and it was hard to hear him on my MacBook Pro / Spotify / Safari combo.

Then skipped around some more and it was easier to hear when Ben is speaking in a slightly higher pitch.

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I can’t wait to give it a listen. Sounds like a fantastic pod. Subscribing now! :slight_smile:

I think the key takeaway is that some are much clearer than others, so it’s fixable. I’ll just be patient.

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I can’t hear him either, not just you.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback on the FasCat pod. I appreciate it. I’m working on sorting out the sound quality. Cheers.


I just recently discovered the Empirical Cycling podcast by Kolie Moore which has been mentioned here before.

I really like the combination of detailed scientific explanations (although I understand only little :slight_smile: ) and easy training advices. Hard facts, no marketing.

There were just two fantastic podcasts with Dr. Andy Coggan I would like to mention.
I highly recommend to listen to it for everyone who uses the term „FTP“.
Mr. „sort-of-the-father-of-FTP“ :slight_smile: explains very well that FTP is not (always) your 1h power and where this misunderstanding is comming from.
Also his famous table of training impact in different levels is further explained by him.

I haven‘t known much of Dr. Coggan before but after these podcasts I really admire him.
And the way Kolie discusses the science with him is just fantastic. Well done.


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I listen to this. It’s really enjoyable.

No Dunks
Is This Good
No Brakes

Not exactly a new Pod, but a version of. The Move are doing race recaps with a guy Spencer, plus Johan and JB.

It’s an insightful and enjoyable listen.

The three of them do a sports gambling pod, but I’m not into that at all, I assume that they’ll split off a sub-show with these three for the recaps etc.

For the record, I was positively surprised when you joined the FasCat podcast. IMHO you have a very nice voice, ideal for podcasts. You tag team very well with Coach Frank, e. g. when you let Frank give the scientific explanation of HRV and then you “summarized it for dummies”. (No offense meant to anyone, I think this is a great way to communicate.)

As for the sound, a lot of podcasters record in the their closet: clothes absorb sound very well, so the setup minimizes unwanted echos and reverb.

The Real Science of Sport - Prof Ross Tucker and Mike Finch

Great weekly content, covers other sports as well but mostly cycling related

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Pointing to a new instance of the topic for freshness, and closing this one for now.

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