Opener workout to follow frequent 3-5 day work trips

Is there a workout that you could recommend to re-prime energy systems after 3 and 5 days off the bike, similar to an opener but just for returning to training? Could there be any adaptive benefits for frequent 3-5 day breaks for a masters (in this case, 46 yo) cyclist that responds really well to frequent (5+x/week) Zone 2 training?

I frequently travel for work for 3-5 days every week or two without on-the-bike workouts, and notice that my legs feel really stale the first workout after a few days off the bike. Just looking to prime things to get the most out of the first workout after a short break.

I am back on the bike seriously after a 25-year period with no structured training following being a well trained junior in the 90s. I used Adaptive Training endurance workouts almost exclusively for a month and FTP jumped from 292 to 379 (+30% in 30 days!). Hats off to TR for such a great product!

You’re issue describes the last 10 years of my training - until Covid - but I went away 2-5 days every week without bike access. Luckily it was mostly 2-3 days and less frequent 4-5 days, but I sometimes felt the same regarding that slightly dead leg feeling on the first day back after those longer trips.

When I looked at the numbers though I was able to hit just the same level of power output in my sessions even though the ‘feeling’ at the start was sometimes a little dead. I simply ended up doing an extended warmup on those days and then into the workout. I didnt want to spend (waste) a valuable day just doing something that wouldn’t be generating any adaptions. Alternatively I just rode a longer z2 aerobic session and back into intervals or harder stuff the day after.

I tended to smash out 3-4 day blocks and build up plenty of fatigue and then use my work trips as rest. They weren’t really as I was usually on my feet 10 hours a day, but they were usually enough for me to get back and start to hit it again.

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That’s encouraging. Thanks!

I should add I was talking about also being in my 40’s - I’m now 51. It also didnt stop me getting to 4w/kg and being able to prep well for week long events in the mountains. I didnt race except a few 10 mile TTs for a couple of years, but I got to be a pretty fit club rider and sportive/GF rider.

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