Open link in new tab request

Sometimes I like to use the Seasons feature in Performance Anayltics to compare say 10-minute efforts over the 2018, '19 and '20 season. Often my interest goes beyond just the wattage reached as heart rate during that effort can be a big fitness indicator, as can was this effort done on the trainer, on a climb at slow speeds (on the tops) or was it while fighting puke, in the TT position and hating life? Was it 20 minutes into a ride or 20 minutes from the end? Context matters.

At this point, when I scroll over the link to each Season’s PR ride file, I’m not given the option to open these links in a new tab. The only way to get more info is to click them and thus go to a new screen, then when I scroll back to the Performance Analyitcs page with my Seasons, it has reset and I must re-enter each season.

Not a big gripe at all, just as a lover of tabs, it seems weird that you wouldn’t want me to open yet another TR tab on my browser.

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If you Ctrl+Click the link, it will open the ride in a new tab :+1:.

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