One Song Limit -- Your Song Is?

I feel this energy, but mine is probably



A seamless transition. Eagerly awaiting the collab between these like-minded artists.

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Run Away With Me - cover by Adam Neely

Also made a playlist and grabbed what I could from here:


I think I’ve said it on another thread, but my go-to for when the going gets tough on the ramp test, or intervals, is Kickstart my Heart / Motley Crue, on repeat

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The Red Baron by Sabaton. Superb beat for 95rpm cadence
Bit short but repetition hasn’t caused me to dislike it yet.

For maximal efforts I would choose some 90’s techno, probably “Dancing with an Angel” by Double You.

The surge in adrenaline that some songs can create is really powerful.

EVERYTIME I’m going to the turbo trainer, I hear this song as while I put my cycling shoes on.

Someone you loved - Lewis capaldi.

God is a girl

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Live Forever, Oasis

Welcome Home was a staple on deadlift day in college for me.


Awesome :ok_hand:t2:

Operation blade, public domain

Several of my faves mentioned here, others I’ll have to investigate.

I’ll offer up Underworld, Dark and long (featured in Trainspotting movie). Could happily put this on repeat and just zone(2) out!

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Good songs to just empty the tank to:

Eminem - Lose It

VH - Running with the devil
- Cradle will rock

Korn - Thoughtless

Adema - Giving in
- The way you like it

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Prodigy - No Good, Start the Dance.

If you can’t do VO2 to this, you’re dead already!


People Have The Power by Patti Smith.

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C’mon man. That was the first album without Cliff.