One of my events **may** be going ahead!

Along with most I’d pretty well written off this year, I didn’t partake in my first event because I broke my collar bone then just as I was ramping things up to get prepared for the next event the pandemic struck and the UK went into lockdown.

That’s messed up that event, which would have been at Easter, and also the next one, one of my ‘A’ events, which would have been last week. However last night I got an email that the next on my list may go ahead depending on how quickly the UK comes out of lockdown and local feeling about long distance biking.

The event is on the 1st/2nd August, originally I’d marked it as a ‘B’ event but it might as well be an ‘A’ for now. The event is a mountain bike ITT at 300km with just under 6700m of climbing. Generally the climbs are long rather than steep though there’s a lot of them. Some are get off and push as it’s most energy efficient.

That leaves me in a quandry: I’ve currently got two weeks left of the speciality plan I’m following - Climbing Road Race - and after that I had planned to drop back to SSB-LV2 and then do General Build LV. Both blocks would be supplemented by long rides at the weekend. SSB-LV2 will finish ten days before this event.

Should I stick to my current plan or skip SSB and just do General Build but build a longer taper to fill out the nine weeks? Or something else?

Have you tried plan builder?

What event are you doing?

I am gutted Jennride isn’t going ahead this year!

It’s the Yorkshire Dales 300. I’ve done it three times before but will be interested to see what effect a winter of TR has.

A pity about the Jennride, have done all of them and enjoyed them. Then again, I grew up in the South Lakes so it’s home turf for me :laughing:

I keep thinking Plan Builder just deals in whole blocks but it pulls in part blocks as well so it gives 4 weeks of SSB LV2, 4 weeks of Sustained Power Build LV and a week of Cross Country Marathon as the recovery week immediately prior to the event. I’ll have a cogitate over that.

A good base will be most useful for that ride I think so that doesn’t sound unreasonable. Hopefully the extended winter of training shall stand you in good stead.

Hoping to get a big day out In the peaks in about 4 weeks if the cases don’t spike again. I am on week 3 of SSBMV2 but have also been able to add volume so averaging about 500-600tss per week. Mostly inside but done some 30 min recovery rides with my 6 year old son as the demands are pretty similar to taku or dans. Have been able to ride every day for 45 days but might have a full rest day soon!

I’m pretty much the archetypal diesel engine - light the blue touch paper and …

shall we have a cup of tea?

I had basically written off this year for competitive events so had an idea to go Base->Build->Base, etc and work my way through the various Build plans since normally I wouldn’t do Short Power Build or even General Build

Last active covid case in my country. Racing starts in a week :slight_smile:

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