One bike for Gravel and Road - recommendations

Hi all, a friend of mine is after a bike to use for gravel and road riding. The plan is to get a second pair of wheels to swap out for road riding. It’s his first proper bike and I only ride road so don’t want to misadvise him. So, what would people recommend?

(Less than £1000)

That price point most likely means having to get a used bike. But used bikes can be hard to judge. Parts can be so worn out they’re ready to be replaced, which needs to be factored into the price and “savings”. Upping that budget to 1200 or 1500 could make a big difference


Thanks. I’ll try to persuade him he’ll want to have spent that much once he gets into it!

I’ve seen a few things under. grand, though. eg Decathlon do a gravel bike for £600, and Boardman for £750. Do you reckon better going second hand?

These are good and the group set is ok but if they could stretch to £1100 this is much better.

If you want a second set of wheels you prob need to budget another £300-£400 including discs, cassette and tyres but you might be able to find cheaper second hand.

With the price golf group sets now you are better of spending the £1100 and then getting the second set of wheel La when you can affford it. The £1100 comes with schwalbe g one all round which work well on the road anyway.

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Aluminium topstone?


Cheers, that Boardman looks ideal, and he’s upped his budget, so room for spare wheels

Thanks, looks smashing. Will recommend