OLD: TrainerRoad Referral Code, Free Trial Requests & Sharing

Anyone has referall code for me?
Thanks a lot

Hallo everybody, I would like to prove TrainerRoad. Any code ??

Hi all.

Just noticed I have 2 referrals that I haven’t shared yet. First come, first served - Enjoy!



Edit * Both have been redeemed *

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Thanks a lot for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy New Year. Two codes available - first come, first served.

EDIT: Both codes have been claimed. Enjoy!


Anyone has a referral code I could use?


see above

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Hello does anyone have a referral code they could share with me please? Thank you!

Happy New Year!

Does anyone have a referral code that they could share? Much appreciated.

Anyone have a referral code? Getting tired of Zwift and looking to give TR a shot. Thanks!

I’d really like to give TrainerRoad a try. Could someone please share a referral code?


@Carldd @nfaust Pm inbound

Would anyone care to share their referral code? Have some goals and would like to try this to achieve them!

I’m looking for a referral code too please

If anyone has a referral code I would love to give TrainerRoad a try too please! Thank you!

PM sent

PM sent

Hi, I would like to try trainerroad, does anyone have refferal code? thanks in advance!