Olav Aleksander on Rich Roll

Great conversation and valuable insight on the Norwegian training system. There were a few moments in the video I found very informative.



Yes, very interesting. I was expecting a longer interview though.

So is this guy a genius that found the perfect training method, or is it just a coincidence that a small Norway town raised the 2 best triathletes of the world under his supervision ?

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Rich mentioned that he wanted to keep going but there was time constraint. It was in the last 1/3 of the video that I think it got interesting. I love that he was not a sports scientist but a data person and how he was free to look at things differently.

Right, the last part was insane with the thermal meter. From a maximal calorie expenditure, how to move the ratio between the mechanical and the thermal power and improve that 20% efficiency.
Also he seems to believe that they’re still a lot of room for improvement on the running part of the Ironman

He’s super smart and trains two of the most gifted triathletes ever is kinda my thinking. I reckon Dan Lorang who happens to be an old colleague of his has been doing this type of scientific triathlon with Frodeno for years.