Oh, Ebbetts Nice to Meet You

On Tuesday I did my second ramp test and was surprised to see an improvement in my FTP from 220 to 245. Then I met Ebbetts. Wow, interesting workout. Though tired, I felt okay but was surprised to see I was not hitting the top power peaks for the sprints on the last two blocks. I may have been in too low a gear on the small ring. Would that make it harder to hit higher powers? Was I supposed to max out? I may also be in denial but for now lets pretend its my gearing.

Might be worth posting questions about your daily workout here: What workout did you do today?

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I am in the same boat. Just started SSB2MV this week (did SSB1MV as my first TR plan), Ebbetts yesterday. I had to play around with timing a bit to find the sweet spot, but settled on slowing my cadence just a few rpm over the 30 secs leading up to the sprint, and then starting my sprint wind-up about 1 second before the interval started. Seemed to consistently get me above target, though I would overshoot by a fair amount. Tried to slowly bring cadence back down to avoid undershooting after the sprint.

I’m on a Kickr in Erg mode, not power matching. Your specific trainer might play a role in how it ramps those shorter bursts, but 1 second early seemed to work for me.

Congrats on the gains, I ended up with a 25w FTP boost as well (205->230) and found Ebbetts to be a decent workout at the new power, but nothing too rough.

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Congrats on the gains! I tried the 1 second thing, too, but with minimal results. You may be right that the trainer is part of the equation. I’m not too worried about it as the effort was there, but I’m curious about it.

@FattyLumpkin - good evening. Are you using virtual power or a power meter?

I’m just a few days ahead of you, just did Ebbetts on Tuesday. I’m on a Kinetic smart control, running erg. I found that if I kept my cadence the same during the five second bursts, the trainer took the whole five seconds to come up to the elevated resistance. If I started really stomping about a second or two before the interval hit, it worked out about right for me.

Hi ExpertOrBust, I use virtual power on a dumb trainer. Sadly, no power meter.

@FattyLumpkin - your trainer has a Progressive power profile and so you may be spinning out before the curve kicks up enough to give you the target power. I’d suggest you play around on a Free ride to get a feel for how your trainer behaves in term of these power ranges and cadences, that is what range of cadence in a particular gear covers the power range required in a workout. Have fun.

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Thank you, Sir!

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FTP bump from 272 to 291 was nice until this showed up in the plan. Did the ramp test on the TT bike. A friend was with me and credit to him for the encouragement during the failure stage. Kept me going that bit more.
Panicked knowing Ebbetts sprints needed to be done. Did them on the bars for the 1st two intervals. The last 2 intervals got into the extensions. Managed it well. Although needed to concentrate. The wind up of 3 seconds before the target power was needed. Doing this on the SportCrafters rollers was interesting. The OverDrive Drum was rattling. Probably due to the high RPM .

Looking forward now to Kaweah

Thanks to all for writing your experience here…this helps me in the world we live today…grateful

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