Oakley Sutro glasses

Recently got a pair of these and as nice as they are looking, and looking through them (prizm lens), I’m a bit disappointed.

Has anyone else who has them noticed that the inside of the lens gets covered in sweat with what I think is due to a distinct lack of air movement?

i bought this version, no probs with sweat:

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Ah, mines don’t have the holes on the lens :thinking:

i ordered the version with the holes, because i use it for running too (Summer and Winter) because i use special lenses inside:

This works so good, especially during cold weather when doing hard run workouts, without them i couldn’t see what my watch displays

:+1: I’ve tried the Hydrotacs… mines went cloudy, so now I just use 3 fields on each page of my Garmin to keep text big :grinning:

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I have them and never noticed the problem. I think it’s inevitable that sweat from your forehead will trickle into your lenses on any pair of glasses from time to time. I think maybe the bigger lens since it’s like a full face shield makes it more likely with those, but it doesn’t bother me.

If you are looking for an alternative that is cheaper and I found to be as high a quality, look at Blender Eyewear. Running a 30% off sale right now and they have some really nice colors and other styles. I have two different pairs and looking for a third. Sophia mentioned these on her Instagram after a race and I tried them out. Very happy with it since I can get 3 pairs for the price of the Oakleys.

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I’ve never had glasses that don’t get covered in sweat in the summer. I just consider it part of cycling. Whenever my LBS group rides stop at a gas station, everyone heads for the food counter to grab napkins to wipe glasses. I do live where it’s super hot and humid though.


@Pbase except, some glasses are way worse than others. Unless you’ve experienced it’s hard to describe. More like pooling sweat rather than just drips of sweat on the lenses.

@Pirate Just bought the Kask Koo Demos which are basically useless to me in races where there is any sweating. I’ve never had a pair of glasses I had to take off to see due to pooling sweat inside the lenses. Must be similar to the Sutro which I’ve only tried on. The whole face shield fad will pass. They may be fashionable now but, they don’t perform as well as smaller lensed glasses.


Not had issues with sweat etc but I don’t feel the prizm lenses work that well. I’ve always worn dark lenses in the past and I don’t feel the Sutros quite shut out the light as much as I’d like.

Look great though :joy:

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Hijacking this thread a little to ask about the lens of these glasses and get others opinions.

There are so many options, but which ones are most suitable for UK road riding (bright but not always sunny)?

The ones I have are ok/good…i’m in uk. They kind of make the weather look a little better when you put them on, and you don’t get glare when the sun is shining. Mines are Prizm road Jade.

I’ve no complaint about the lens… just the sweat problem.

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I’ve had two pairs of Oakleys (one pre prizm, with a dark lens and one with Prizm). The dark lens could occasionally be too dark but I’ve been impressed with the Prizm in most UK light situations. When I am cycling in the evening and I know the light will fade I’ve a cheaper pair of Crank Bro’s react to lite. I’ll tend to wear the Prizm lenses at the start of the day when light is constantly improving.


I have 2 pairs of them, only because I got them at a massive discount. If I paid full price for these, they woulda gone back. Only reason I kept them is I wear contacts and they seem to do the best at keeping wind out of my eyes and drying out my lenses. I dont think the lenses are anything special at all. Kinda spoiled by wearing Costas for pretty much anything non-cycling. Its shocking to me that at $180, these things (and really most expensive cycling glasses) arent polarized.

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I’m usually a big fan of Oakleys but the Sutros never did it for me. Kato-X was a better fit for me but have already become somewhat hard to find. Prizm Road is one of my favorite all-around lenses.

I’ve given Jublo’s a try this year and some of their photochromic lenses are fantastic. They have become my go-to for gravel days where I’m often in and out of tree cover with mixed lighting conditions. I also grab them for late-day rides when the conditions are changing. Oakley’s photochromic lens doesn’t have much tint to it, so until they come up with a Prizm photochromic, probably will stick with the Jublo’s on days with changing light conditions.

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