Nutrition, Crosstraining regiment, and endurance training

Hello everyone,

I am doing multi - month training and dietary regiment as part of a high school project. I am looking to build up to a 122 km virtual ride after about two months of specific training. However, I don’t have too much experience with endurance training or dietary plans.
Dietary Plans
I don’t want to lose any weight since that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing but I definitely want to reduce body fat. I’ve been thinking of cutting out things such as butter and reducing carbohydrates. I rarely have any sort of processed sugars, crisps, or any of that. So what is the best (and manageable) dietary plan for me to be on?
Training + Crosstraining
I’m thinking of focusing on long distance endurance and sweet spot base plans in order to build up my aerobic endurance. Is this a correct line of thinking? I’ll also be doing running, mountain biking, and lifting weights in addition to the main training. Is this a good idea, or there a different training combination I should be doing?

Thank you!

Look into the book The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald, that should tell you all you need to know.

Follow the low volume plans in TR of SSB 1 & 2, then General Build followed by a Specialty plan that fits your interest or works towards an A race or big ride/event/season you want to be most fit for. This progression takes 28 weeks to fully complete (12 weeks Base, 8 weeks Build, 8 weeks Specialty/Peak fitness). If you do not have enough time to do all of that, start with SSB and continue as long as you can through the plans. If you are mixing in outdoor rides, I’d recommend those be on the weekends as a substitute or in addition to the Saturday workouts. Regarding running and/or strength training, search the forums for topics that address this issue in addition to TR structured plans.

I wouldn’t reduce carbs so much as those will fuel all of your activities. Just eat clean and skip the junk food and desserts.

this is a good idea; the weights will be solid as well, although may leave you a bit sore.

good luck!