Nutrition Cheat Sheet? - love the content here, but it can get far too technical...agree?

I’ve been listening the podcasts for a while and love the nutritional content given fueling on rides is one of my biggest challenges. The problem for me is sometimes the discussion gets way to technical. Are there any summaries of the key points minus the science side of it?

Eat all the carbs, sleep all the sleep, don’t skip workouts, drink all the water, have a good fan.


We have lots of useful blog posts on nutrition, covering all aspects— from fueling your workouts, to healthy weight loss, to general principles of well-being. Many of these posts are derived from podcast discussions and distill things into more easily understandable takeaways. Check them out below!



I recommend three good fans!

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Some awesome easy to follow charts in @Dr_Alex_Harrison e-book! It’s an easy read and easy to follow for a simpleton like me!