Noobie 3 quick questions

I am new to cycling and a week or so away from starting trainer road software but I just have a few questions about the bikes and gear. I have an Argon 18 with Ultegra group-set that I bought locally and got fitted as part of the purchase. I have done 2 rides 14 miles each. With no adjustments or maintenance.

  1. Chain maintenance. Is there a rule of thumb? Specific chain lube better than others? Should I be maintaining the chain after every ride or every week etc?

  2. My left hand falls asleep pretty bad 6 or 7 miles into the ride both times. The fitter was giving me so much info I forgot a lot of what he said causes certain things.

  3. Is there a specific tire pressure or rule of thumb for tires? The bike has vittoria zaffiro 700 x 25c.

The shop told me to bring the bike back after 2 months for a free inspection and look over. He said they will tighten everything back down and make adjustments. I just want to make sure I get it there in one piece in 2 months!

Thanks for any help

A lot of variables. Like if you ride out, if it was wet, etc.
Some lubes last longer than others. I use Rock N Roll Gold (lube and clean) and I apply it about every 3 weeks or so. When i was riding out more often, i would lube once a week.

When i had that issue, i start wearing gloves (out door) but also changed the tape and put gel stuff under it. It made a huge difference.

Indoor doesnt matter. Out door I usually go for for 110 psi of 25 tires.

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  • Contact your fitter, describe your issue(s) and have them make a recommendation.
    • We would be guessing at best, without knowing more about your specific setup or goals.
  • For riding outside:

  • For riding a wheel-on trainer:

    • You typically want the the tire set close to or right at the maximum pressure that is molded into the tire sidewall.
  1. At this stage don’t over think it - any lube your LBS sells will be fine for now. Use wet lube over dry lube unless you are on dusty roads. The key as you put the miles in is to clean and re-lube your chain regularly.

  2. Use fingerless cycling gloves with light gel pads. It gets better over time. Vary your hand/wrist position during rides. Shake out your hands every few miles.

  3. I suggest starting with 90 psi and then trying a few psi up or down depending on your weight and preferred ride feel. As others have noted, there are some good online calculators.

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Drive train care

This. Hit the drive train with degreaser (citrus or similar). Let it sit. Wipe with shop paper towels or cloths. Wash with dish soap and water to break up grease and degreaser. Wash the rest of the bike while you’re at it. Rinse. Let dry. Lube chain per instructions. Also lube derailleur joints. How often depends on how and where (inside, outside) you ride, conditions, etc. Your bike shop will recommend a lube they sell, of course, but they know the local conditions better than we do, so I’d go with them.

Unless they say WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil. :scream:

Hand numbness

Gloves. Bar tape. Too much weight on hands. Also, my hands get numb (starting with the little finger, working up the fingers) when I forget to keep my shoulders down. I believe there’s a blood vessel or nerve in the shoulder area that gets constricted. Need to remember to ask my doctor about that, though the solution is simple–drop shoulders, shake hands a couple of times. Your mileage may vary.

Tire pressure

FWIW, I tried the Silca tire pressure calculator Chad linked. It gave me numbers a few psi above what I settled on based on feel over a couple of years (moved from 85 rear / 80 front on 28c’s down to about 75/70). I don’t plan to change, though. :old man shouting get off my lawn emoji that doesn’t exist: :grin:

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Thanks guys for the advice. Think I will definitely grab some gel gloves and when I go back for the 2 month check up let them know if the gloves don’t help. A lot of useful answers thanks again!