No structured training since January. Signed up for Oz Trail Epic

So I have signed up for the Oz Trail (50 mile). I ride my MTB about 2-3 times a week. Once fairly fast. I had good intentions this year and life changed in mid February and I have not done a TrainerRoad workout since then.
I am in alright shape, but not where I want to be. With about 73 days left until the race I would like to get more serious, but where should I start for this silly crash course.

Honestly I won’t be racing much past this event and will start over after. Looking for a two month plan of attack to go from no structure to feeling decent about the event.

Hey @shansen76,

Typically we don’t recommend skipping any of the Base Phase, but since this is a crash course, you can skip the first half of SSB. This will not build the most “stable” fitness, but you only want to be fast for the one race, and you have experience with structured training, so it’s an acceptable approach in this case.

So with 10 weeks available, I would recommend:
SSB II (6 Weeks)
Sustained Power Build (1-3)
Marathon Specialty (Week 8) – This week is your taper week and will prepare you for race day.

For more info, you can check out this article on Marathon XC training:

Cheers, and good luck!