No Career page on MacOS app

Hi there,

I am wondering - why is there no career page or tab in MacOS application (neither official one or beta)? I have tried to install the latest beta app, but it still shows no Career tab. In one of the latest podcasts I saw Nate demonstrating TrainNow feature and he clearly had Career tab on his MacOS app.

Does anybody know? Thanks.

Hey! Your career page is accessible via the web application ( :v:

Hey. I know it is on the web. But as you can see Nate has it also on his app. Does anybody else have it, or is it just some “superbeta” version of the app?

Oh thats for athletes with Adaptive Training! Everyone will have this feature as soon as we finish closed testing, but in the meantime, if you haven’t signed up yet, feel free to do so at

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Are the other features Nate demo’d also in AT only? Specifically, the ability to drill down into a scheduled workout and pick “Alternatives” and/or see if the workout is “Achievable”, etc?

Alternatives for scheduled workouts and visibility for ‘Achievable’ classifications are features of Adaptive Training, although TrainNow’s suggestions are updated whenever your Progression Levels change, which is currently live for all athletes (meaning even if the visibility for those levels isnt available for everyone yet, they’re still being accounted for in TrainNow). :sunglasses: