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Been on TR for probably a year or so, most recently, i did SSB2>General Build>Rolling Road race, where i made some gains, but not quite what i was hoping. Currently sitting at 4.97W/KG @65kg with FTP of 323. I average 10-12 hours a week, and TSS is usually around 600-700. CTL is around 90.

My long duration power is decent, but what truly awful is my short power. I’m missing those 1-3 min efforts to create a split. I think my 1min PB is about 550W, but not that often i go over 500. I also recover pretty quickly, so have good repeatability - which means i can hang in there most of the time, but its just that, hanging on.

My next event isn’t until March, so going to be doing some base, but then undecided after that. Short power build focuses mostly on very short intervals. I don’t feel like i’ll get much from doing general build again. I guess the other option is to make something custom with stuff like Black Kaweah, Gabb etc.

Thoughts/advice? I really need something between general and short power.

I think my watt profile is quite equal to you. before the fall race season i swapped out the Tuesday and Thursday workouts with my own, 3x ((30/15) x13) and 2x (3x1min all out).

Had good results with that. For build i will start 30/15 and in speciality i will start with 2x 3x1min all out and similar.

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One option is to follow the General Build, and just swap in something like the Tuesday or Thursday workout from the Short Power Build.

Swap one per week that looks like it fills a need for you and you are probably set.

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General Build has a lot of overlap with Short Power Build as is.

Maybe try a SIT interval plan?

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