Next steps, could use some help

My first TR FTP test was June 12 2015. FTP: 206. Last FTP test Aug 27 2019. FTP: 225.

Just finished the Half Distance Triathlon medium build. After 8 weeks, no discernible increase in FTP.

Forums, web site forums, lists person after person, starting at 225 and hitting 280+ in a matter of 6 months. 4 years, I’ve gotten 19 watts.

Something has to change. Diet? Sleep? Stop bitching and ride harder? I did break my clavicle in 2016 and stopped riding for about 4 months. Other than that, I’ve been riding. Life happens, I’ll miss some rides here and there. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t let life get in the way and miss rides?

Thanks for letting me vent like a little biatch.

Stats: 50, never raced cycling or running before. Former/current swimmer, FOP. Cycling, I find myself MOP, running BOP for sure. Currently riding indoors on a Cervelo P2. P1 Powertap pedals.

How much do you weigh?

Fair question. Should have added I’m 165. So, roughly 3 w/kg.

Measuring/tracking or only worrying about FTP is one of your problems.

You don’t actually mention anything about these two. Do you think your diet and sleep schedule suck? Or are they on point and you’re STILL only seeing minimal/no gains?

For me personally, sleep is probably the largest factor in how well I can ride in the long run. Constantly missing sleep is a sure fire way for me to fade into nothing eventually and my results reflect that.

The first question that popped into my mind was: Why did you wait so long to ask?

Second, if workouts have been getting easier but FTP doesn’t change, then I would ask: Are you following the FTP tests blindly? Some people consistently test low but can actually handle more during a workout. In this case, if you don’t start increasing your FTP manually then you could stagnate.

If on the other hand, workouts are not getting easier and your FTP is not changing then something is blocking your body’s adaptation response and more information would be needed about your recovery, sleep and nutrition habits.