Newbie, how do I change stretch ride to productive

Hi I am a complete newbie to cycling. I usually do weight training to keep fit. 2 years ago I was fit, then a motorcycle crash, long covid and hyperthyroidism has meant I have been sedentary for 2 years and gained 100lbs. I am now in a position to start the journey back to being fit and healthy.

I am 2 weeks in to TrainerRoad on a low volume plan. 3 rides a week. The weekday rides are only just achievable at my current fitness. The Sunday ride however is just not manageable. I figured out the Sunday rides are a stretch ride. If I can change the Sunday stretch ride to a productive ride I might stand a chance of getting through it.

Is there a way I can do this?


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Thanks, I spotted the alternative workouts but missed the difficulty drop-down.

I will give that a go on Sunday, thank you.