NEWBI..Help needed

Hello I have tried the three settings on my vortex but i cant seem to get my tyre to touch the roller?? what am i doing wrong ?

Hey! Welcome to TrainerRoad forum.

I also had a Tacx Vortex myself before my current Neo 2. There is a turning know on the back of the vortex, facing the ground. You can twist that in both directions to tighten / loosen the grip between your tire and your vortex roll.

Be sure that the roll is clean, and that you use a Tacx TRAINER tire (blue one). Other tires can work, but the Tacx Trainer tire has more grip and friction, required to provide friction against the roll.

You can use the Tacx-app to see how tight your wheel rubs against the roll (use calibration for this). And you can change the tightness accordingly.