New Wave start, will it make a difference? (LT100)

So who wants to share their thoughts on the new wave start at the LV 100? Is it going to help?
Im a 5 time finisher that cant ever recover from the first bottle neck. Always gunning for that sub 9hr buckle. I want to believe the wave start will make a difference ???

How are they seeding it? My experience of wave starts is that they are great if seeded properly (e.g. at least the faster waves are verified by race results, Strava profiles, etc). If it’s self-seeded then it tends to be not much help as people either massively overestimate their ability or outright lie because they want to go off early. For some reason self-seeding seems to work much better in running events, either runners are just more honest than cyclists or I guess run times tend to be less impacted by wind, gradient and surface.

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The starting positions at Leadville are based on assigned corals. The coral positions people start in are based on either times at qualifying events or prior performance at Leadville.

The wave start should help somewhat with the backup at St. Kevins, but from what I’ve heard from a lot of experienced riders they still expect that there will be some backups here. Given that this is the first year that they are doing it, a lot of information will be gained and perhaps this will lead to further tweaking in the future.