New Wahoo ROLLR Trainer spotted at ITT Worlds

Someone spotted this at World’s ITT….

Or, as @GPLama named it…Baby Kicker. :rofl:



I’m just wondering how he is staying upright, looks like there’s a front wheel so it’s not like it’s attached to the climb. Those look just like mini rollers so maybe there’s a roller upfront?

Its either a roller up front (doubt it though…), or its a base with a thru axle mount up front that is retractable into a base of some sort.

I would think its a bit like this one:

But of course much more nimble!

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I’m not seeing any sort of attachment/outrigger that extends from the rear unit with rollers/flywheel to a front unit/support. Also, as @hubcyclist wrote, the front wheel seems to be attached.

A simple detached front wheel block type thingy should suffice for locating the bike?
A roller unit like this probably depends on rider weight to keep the rear tire in contact, so perhaps there would be a new front steering setup from Wahoo, but a climb type function seems unlikely.


I’d be kinda surprised if it was only a riser block……because then there would be nothing to keep the bike in the mini-roller unit. If you don’t line it up perfectly, you’ll have issues.

It seems you’ll need some type of attachment….to my eye, there appears to be something extending from the drive side of the unit?

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Fair point, the rear wheel jumping over the side of the mini rollers at full speed would be… Bad :flushed:

Nothing happens, there is no forward momentum. You might end up with tyre marks on the floor.

I’m not sure if you could ride rollers with just the back wheel on them, and the front in a riser block. I think maybe for a bit, but it would be hard to balance, because the wheel isn’t moving, but also not supported. You’d basically doing a track stand while pedalling.

Suspect that “mini kicker” has some sort of fixing stand for the front wheel, maybe just replacing the skewer/axle.

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I want one


Ditto, very interested to see what this is.


I suck at searching (tried with no good results), but in the past… smarter people than I have found pending FCC documents for upcoming devices like this… hint, hint :wink:


I saw better views of it today during the women’s ITT. In the front there was some kind of clamp/wedge that held at the tire.

(Relayed hint via a helpful member :wink: )


Welp…any hope of this being a lower cost, travel friendly unit probably just went out the window!


they dont need any additional attachments…
they already sell this…

maybe it will be a combo trainer where they sell both for one price…


Yeah, the length of the front wheel support is rather long, and doesn’t seem to telescope or fold to a smaller size. That would have been nice to see for travel and packing.

I am already entertaining the use of foam (or small air spring like ball or tube) inside the upper clamps (since they appear to be adjustable for width) to allow for a it more leaning motion.

I am curious how this slots into their lineup for price, capability and such?

Yeah, was wondering if they figured out some sort of nice mini trainer LOL, but that last pic from @mcneese.chad shows its a more involved gadget.

I assume steering is built in to this. Clamp arms for top of front wheel, but putting some sort of compliance or lean into it with foam etc may mess with steering (unless steering is solely controlled by the bottom wheel chock).

Perhaps the connecting bar between front and rear assemblies is telescoping to save some space and allow for bike length adjustability.

Appears to not require any wheel removal etc - this is a good thing for people with one bike who want to easily mount/dismount - no muss no fuss.

Atleast in my small IRL group, there is no strong desire for climb function on trainer. IDK what the broader market wants though.

No, attaching it to a Climb doesn’t accomplish anything. You need something to hold the two pieces together so it functions as a single unit. Without that, there is nothing to keep the rear wheel on the mini-rollers in the back.

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  • Not from what I can see:
  • There is certain to be a from of length adjustment (telescope or overlap). There’s no other way to handle it.
  • I think that will be the key selling point.
  • I expect it won’t have the same peak power or grade simulation that we see in even the Snap (wheel-on) since this relies purely on rider weight on the rollers.