New Wahoo Kickr20, Kickr Axis, Kickr V5, Kickr2020

IMO there shouldn’t be any vibrations in the first place; It’s a consequence of poorly conducted balancing and / or bearings with too much play. But that’s what I think as an engineer who loves the product but hates the quality…


Pretty lame update from Wahoo IMHO. I’ve been enjoying lateral flex, automatic calibration, and 100% reliability for almost 5-years on a Neo V1. Never had a single wireless connectivity issue and couldn’t imagine buying a trainer in 2020 that needed a physical data cable. Heck I rarely need the power cable for the Neo.

It doesn’t need a physical, it’s an option for people that aren’t as lucky as you, I’ve got a Neo 1 and can tell when the neighbours turn the microwave on, having the turbo as a network device would be fantastic, don’t shot a company for giving multiple options to give people with problems possible solutiions

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Yeah they’ve done a great job with that RJ25 port that you cannot use until sometime in the future and then only: a) when you buy a c.$50 adaptor, and b) if apps such as TR or Zwift decide to code in support for receiving data over a LAN.

DCR: “As for not just putting the darn ethernet port into the KICKR to begin with (rather than putting a port to put a dongle to a port), it sounds like this was more of an ease of manufacturing item up front to make timelines for this product launch”

Yeap, they have a strange thing there, but wasn’t your original comment, that I was commenting on, just “It needs a physical calble”, and it’s still better than the Neo option (none), long live the Ant+ extension cable the Tacx makes as doesn % nothing

First time I have seen a comment on the new 2020, V5 failing… upon arrival no less. I requested more info to see what we can learn.

Edit to add link from Ray to Twitter post & vid:

The Wahoo Klickr still lives, apparently :open_mouth:

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Augh, so brutal! Sucks for that guy–hopefully it’s a one off, but I can’t believe they are still having these issues so far into the lifespan of this product, especially when we’ve been assured the issues have been “fixed” and they have this new crack team of QA people on top of it. :roll_eyes:

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There is always going to be a few that slip by. You do wonder if they actually mount a bike and test it before they go out the door. Or maybe they just test every 10th, 100th, or 500th off the assembly line?

Can’t have assurance when the controls are absent

Another possibly bad unit right away.

Shocked. Shocked I tells ya!

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Just for a positive, I got mine yesterday. 2 rides don’t tell a story but so far no issues. No calibration. I do think they need to shore up accuracy issues.


I am also 2 rides in today and no issues (touch wood!).

In terms of the new features, I wouldn’t rush out to buy this unless you’re going to buy something anyway. I went for it after reading the DCR review and him saying he was confident the older issues would have been resolved, but like above, I’ve already heard of issues out of the box - very glad I’m not one of those! One of the biggest issues if there are problems will be getting a replacement during a world wide shortage. Wahoo only sent 1/3 of the shipment they were supposed to in to NZ because they decided to send the rest elsewhere.

The main difference in the experience has been the ‘wobbly feet’. They were clearly moving in the DCR video review but he said he couldn’t tell the difference and thought it was because of the mat. Even without the mat he didn’t notice much. My experience is quite different, which surprises me as I have a lot less weight to move things. But I definitely notice it! And I’m on a Kickr mat. I’ll get used to it but am finding it a bit off-putting right now. I actually got off to check the QR at one point on the first ride. I can see them working, and can definitely feel them working.

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Where did you get that info? Isn’t it up to them?!

Thanks for your report on the feet. Sounds interesting.

Btw: I’d say no worries if something breaks. I became a real fanboy of Wahoo’s customer service. My power brick of the Climb broke and without much fuzz I had a free replacement sent from the states to Singapore - I was climbing again just a week after my initial contact. The customer service is really amazing. (I also experienced that with my initial Kickr 18 - but I spare the story of 2 basically dead on arrivals…)

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I got the info from the shop I got my Kickr from. It was ordered, so in that sense I’d say not really up to them, but everyone understands why they did it.

Good to hear they got you sorted quickly. Everyone rates their customer service - I do too having found my last trainer not have the axle adapters in the box and they sent a new set quickly and free of charge. A week without a Climb is one thing (I have one too and love it but so often do workouts that it doesn’t get much use!) but a week without a trainer would be tough. My old Core is now my spare so at least I have a back up if something does go wrong.

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I would not have brought the 2020 KICKR but my NEO 2 fried and died. Still working on why. It was only 18 months old but out of warranty after a year.

And my 2018 kickr core died this summer, inside of 2y warranty. Got my money, and considering the step up from core to non-core. This thread makes me nervous. Should i go for a tacx neo instead?

You can always have issues with anything mechanical. Garmin sent me a refurbished to replace my NEO 2. I have not really set it up but did verify it was working. I am extremely pleased with my KICKR 2020. Ultimately Dkmj you have to go with what you are comfortable with.


  • Only for kikr and not available for kikr Core. Just for now or the Core Will never get this?
  • Its not compatible with using the climb or is it?

Another question is about the kikr mat. Someone said before that it gives some extra confort not needing this kikr ACTION FEET for lateral movement. How so? Never considered to buy the kikr mat because its too expensive for a simple mat but if it gives some extra confort maybe i’ll go for it as long as it is compatible with using the climb.

  • No idea what Wahoo has planned, but there would need to be some design changes to make something work with the Core. The legs and feet are different and most importantly, the pattern of the feet (square Core vs diamond Kickr) is different enough to need something unique.
  • Yes, the Axis feet are compatible with the Climb unit. The Climb actually has a bi-directional curve that works fine with the amount of angle the Axis feet provide.
  • The mat allows for mild compression of the trainer feet into the mat. This can give more angular motion of the trainer vs it sitting on a hard surface.

  • There are countless options for compression mats and foam tiles you can get for a fraction of the cost of dedicated “trainer” mats. Many people in my rocker group find good results with those tiles.

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