New Trek Madone (2023)

To each their own I guess, imho the best looking road bikes where made late seventies to mid eighties though I definitely enjoy the tech upgrades since then. I think I need to hear about some real world experience and if this bike turns out to be an alround great experience I might start trying to hit that 300 afterall

Yeah, I want one pretty badly.

Stolen from FB:


Was just reading this Trek officially launches new Madone with Isoflow seat tube - CyclingTips and noticed this little sentence

Riders choosing a Shimano build will still find their internal battery hidden inside the seat tube. Although, sitting as it now does below the IsoFlow opening, the battery is only accessible by removing the bottom bracket

I’m not up on all the components involved in electronic gears, but isn’t removing the bottom bracket to charge/replace the battery a pain?

I’ll look ridiculous getting dropped on that !


You don’t need easy access to the Shimano battery. You build up the bike and then (unless something really unusual happens) you forget about it for several years.

You charge it up every few months from the charging port, which on current generation di2 is on the rear derailleur.