New to TR. Event in 13 weeks. Upcoming 2 week vacation in the middle of it all. Here's what I'm thinking

From June - October of this year, I averaged a TSS of 1000. Since then it’s been more like 700. I have an event in 13 weeks that will involve a substantial amount of climbing. Here’s what I’ve put together, I’d like to know if it’s ideal, lofty, or if I should shorten base and go to build mid-way.

Base - Sweet Spot High Volume I & II with a taper week before the event. That covers 13 weeks.

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We generally recommend getting through as much of you can of the first training phases, so in this case completing Base fully is a better way to go than trying to jump into the Build workouts before you’re ready.

Here’s a little more info to reinforce your decision:

Best of luck with your training and your goal event!

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Great, thank you for the reply and the link.