New to Smart trainer

Just wanted to know how people ride there smart trainer. I know when doing a workout in TR you dont want to change gears because the trainer does all the work for you.

My trainer came with two months of Kinomapp so I am riding along using the videos. Do you change gears when don’t these rides like you would when out on the road doing such rides. It’s seems strange to me that you wouldn’t.

I have come a KK rock n roll to an Elite drivo so I am just getting used to it and how I am supposed to ride it

You are looking at two distinct uses and related modes:

  1. ERG mode, for training: This is a common use of a smart-controlled trainer. Generally speaking you pick a gear and use that for the entire workout. There are some notable exceptions I won’t mention now, but some are useful and even necessary in some cases, for proper use of the trainer in a workout.
    Indoor Cycling Smart Trainers: ERG Mode Explained - YouTube

  2. Simulation mode, for “riding” courses: This is what you mention in the Kinomap. It effectively sets the trainer resistance to mimic the road grade in the video or simulation (like Zwift). It will require you to shift gears if you plan to aim for a power and cadence, along with the terrain. It is meant as a proxy for riding outside.


Thanks for the reply.

That’s is a great explanation. Feel like I am doing the right thing. When you listen to people talking about smart trainers it’s almost mythical about how it will change everything, now while it is a lot better than ‘dumb’ trainer I thought I was not using my trainer correctly.

Now just need to get faster. Onwards to TR sufffering

  • Sadly true about the comments, and untrue about the total impact. I’ve been on dumb, to smart, back to dumb, and back to smart. The real differences in training effect are very subtle. It is more about the options that smart-controlled trainers give you (gearing options for various flywheel speeds, mode options for ERG, Resistance, Simulation and such) to be used in more different ways than a simple dumb trainer.

  • It is the marginal gains type of junk other than the convenience in many cases. Smart trainers are nice in ways, but far from a necessity.