New to cycling what equipment and cloths should I have?


I bought myself a Cinelli Gravelbike which I will use for commuting and just for fun. I am quite overwhelmed with all the things one can buy for cycling. Are there some essential items, a proper helmet and lights excluded, I should buy?

Right now I am thinking about buying a quality pair of gloves and a durable rain jacket which is reflective or has a bright color.

I am sorry if this is this the wrong sub reddit for asking this stuff.

Thanks in advance!

I would say invest in quality bib shorts. Gloves are important too. Maybe even try clipless pedals with shoes?

But I think the bib shorts are by far the most important ones

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A small pump that can be attached to your frame. Some spare inner tubes to carry with you. A saddlebag. Tire lever, patches, maybe a chain tool (especially if you actually ride gravel), bottles and bottle cages (you can use a bottle in place of the saddlebag to store stuff), multitool keyed to fit every bolt on your bike, a pump for the house, spare chain and tires just in case, chain lube of some sort, maybe some bike-washing tools such as a chain cleaner.

Good suggestions but a helmet would be An essential item, giro and bell have many options to choose from.

I picked up cycling a little over a year ago and now I’m participating in my first races, so I had quite the steep learning curve.

First of all, I would invest in a good helmet. Your gonna fall eventually, even if it’s not your fault. So a good helmet may possibly safe your life and a bonus point for a good helmet, even when you don’t need it: it’s gonna fit nicely and be comfortable.

Two bib shorts are also nice to have: In the beginning, I went for an expensive one and a cheap one. The expensive one was super comfortable and for the longer or faster rides. The second and cheaper one was the backup if the other bibshort was in the washing machine.

If you still got some money left by now: Cleaning tools and stuff. When you’re having fun and start to ride more and more, your bikes gonna get dirty eventually, especially on gravel. It’s way cheaper to clean your bike now and then, than to replace every worn down part at the end of the season. Often gets overlooked in my opinion.

Sorry for the wording, English is not my native language. Have fun out there and enjoy the ride! :v:t3:

For commuting, assuming that you have a commute of more than 20 minutes, have to ride in traffic, and you have to leave the bike on a rack, I would say these are the must haves:
Spare tubes, patch kit, CO2 inflator and a few cartridges, multi-tool. Helmet, gloves, good cycling shorts. A high quality lock and chain. Lights front and rear. A ziplock bag for your phone if it rains. A floor pump for the home.

Other items you may want for comfort, safety, etc. as you do this more often; these can be pricey:
Fenders, saddle bags, a lightweight and breathable rain jacket, reflective clothing, over shorts to wear into the building, cycling pedals and shoes, a better saddle, thick bar tape, wipes (for when you don’t have a shower at the office), a place to put sweaty and smelly clothing that allows them to dry prior to your commute home, tubeless tires and sealant). If you’re parking in a risky area, a way to remove the seatpost and cover the hole. A bike computer for tracking your training, and possibly a Garmin Varia radar for traffic.