New study results: Polarized vs Sweet Spot

Some folks here in the comments saying “this is just like TrainerRoad” and others saying that Sweet Spot is contrary to this polarized model.

Hoping Coach Chad or others can clarify how these findings are (or aren’t) incorporated into the TR plans.

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Z2 folks did no/little Z3 work. Performance was evaluated against upper threshold and Vo2max. Of course z3 folks would do better there

Furthermore z2 does not necessarily mean sst

“self oriented training program” I don’t know why they would do that instead of actually compare 2 groups of different structured training programs

Omg. Another nothing new, ‘new’ study. Lol.

I find it amazing that researchers in Ghent would use TRIMP in a cycling study. Eleven self-coached cyclists. in the study over twelve weeks. Sigh. Yet another poor study. Unfortunately the paper is not available for free otherwise it might be fun eviscerating it.