New plans = over under city?

Anyone else kind of sick of over-unders in the low/mid volume plans? Right now I’m doing low volume SSB I and about to move to SSB II and then general build going into my XC season. The new plans seem to REALLY emphasize over unders, like almost every Saturday workout for 16 weeks is one.

Anyone else get a little burnt out on these efforts by their build phase? I’m thinking of swapping out for more “standard” intervals at the same progression levels later in the base phase so I can do some outside and also just to switch up the monotony.

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I had a look out of curiosity and boy that plan looks bad.
It’s essentially a build block just before another build block.

More expert guys around here will sure provide more color but first impression isn’t good at all.

I might be weird but U/O are my favorite workout, especially useful for XC too - I’m sure you could sub in some standard threshold and maybe even some SS work from time to time but U/O get me fit fast…


UO are really good for increasing fractional utilisation. So therefore not to bad for Base. But 16 weeks in a row is a bit much.

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Base pt2 could also be described as Build pt1 rather than pure base in the mould of Base pt1

Depending on how you perform AT could well swap out some of these workouts before you get to them.

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We have discussed the possible renaming of SSB entirely (both phases) for years.

Low & Mid Vol’s are a mix of SS, Thresh, VO2 so the SS name is a bit of a misnomer. Only High Vol includes a majority of SS vs the mix of the lower volumes.

And specifically, SSB2 has been described as “Pre-Build” in many cases, which I see as quite accurate.


I was doing well and then AT bumped me from a 4.5 to a a 5.9 for the last O/U workout of SSBI and it absolutely destroyed me this morning lol.

What exactly lead to the jump (workouts completed and related surveys)?

Were prescribed or did you apply any substitutions?

Completed workouts and surveys (all were moderate I believe).

I did substitute a few of the workouts for shorter versions with family in town but hit the recommended normal 4.5 level workout the week prior.

I just don’t think TR would normally offer such a massive jump in Workout Level. I think they keep it to less than a 1.0 jump, but that could be bad memory on my part. 1.4 jump is no joke, depending on how up to date the current PL really is.

I think that would be a good case to ask them about and have reviewed.

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Something might be a bit wonky so I should probably reach out. When I go into Train Now most of the climbing workout suggestions are 5.8-6.0 thresholds despite my current threshold level being a 4.5

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But you did it so AT worked :wink:


By “destroyed” I mean I failed…

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In that case I take it back, AT is rubbish :smile:


Great exchange, love it.


Laughed out loud at this