New Kickr! TR App control or Element

I finally bought a Smart Trainer and I am going to do my first Indoor TR workout in the morning. I thought I had to push the workout to my head-unit and let it control the Kickr. My question is should I have the app control my Kickr or my Element? Any pros or cons to either method?


I just let the app control it. I use my head unit when doing outdoor workouts


I like having the same user experience both inside and outside, so you may want to try the bike computer and compare to the app.

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One bit of issue here. I have, in the past, done this, and had a really annoying time, with Garmin. I had paired the trainer to the head unit. Every time I toggled off ERG, it would flip it back on, on the next interval step. Maybe that’s different on Wahoo, or maybe it’s addressed in the head unit with an update.

The app is much easier to toggle back and forth as well. But, if you want to use slope or resistance mode only, then either is fine, and use the Wahoo app to set the resistance. Toggling, the interface is not so good on head units (as it pertains to Garmin). A quick tap or two on the screen, or a single key on the desktop app.

Just something to keep an eye on. It makes doing sprint work really annoying, when the head unit controls the trainer. Also, Kickr may be better about holding resistance levels if you quit the app on the phone. But, the Neo always drops to some default power when the app is exited or killed, so I need to leave it running the entire time.

I’ve since given up on it, as the app interface is much better than the head unit anyway.

Edit: I’m using TrainingPeaks workouts, but use TR app as the player or the head unit. TR workouts are outside workouts, when pushed to head units, and may be different.